Information for Students

    Not sure what you want to do after high school? Let your experiences with CAF help you decide on goals and develop a plan for your future!

What is the Cascade Academy Foundation?

    The CAF organization is a group of business partners that volunteer throughout the year to support hands-on opportunities for students such as summer internships and work preparedness activities.
    CAF partners with business and education to help prepare our emerging workforce for success in the future.

Why should you participate in these opportunities?

    Because you are the only ones who can. If you are enrolled in the courses at RHS that work directly with businesses in the community, you will be mentored to take advantage of various activities such as resume building, mock interviews, and internships.
    Secondly, why not get the tools you will need to give you a head start in the world of business?
    Why not participate in activities that will help you obtain scholarships & college entrance?
    Third, it is unique. Very few programs offer opportunities for high school students to get real practice in the workplace.
    Fourth, develop Skills to make you successful in the workplace:

    Fifth, meet the businesses in the community that work with RHS and CAL.


    You must be a enrolled at Reynolds high school as a full-time sophomore, junior, or senior and must be taking at least one of the following courses: